Separations Technology

Blog Explains Level And Flow Solutions For Skids

By Magnetrol

Mar 30, 2016

Nearly any unit operation in the process industry can be fabricated as a self-contained, modular skid system. Modular fabrication has increasingly become a viable alternative to field construction for owner/operators, OEMs and plant engineers. This post discusses level and flow instrumentation for liquid gravity separator skids and is part of an occasional Magnetrol blog series on modular skid systems.

Liquid separation is essential to all processing industries. Skids vary according to the separation technology, including: distillation, gravity separator technology, coalescence, crystallization, adsorption, membrane processes, absorption and extraction. Pre-separated mixtures can combine two or more states: solid-solid, solid-liquid, solid-gas, liquid-liquid, liquid-gas, gas-gas or solid-liquid-gas mixtures.

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