Cyber Security

ACC Releases Cyber Security Guidance Documents


Feb 12, 2009

The American Chemistry Council’s Chemical Sector Cyber Security Program has added five guidance documents and two white papers to its suite of cyber security resources. These publications will help chemical companies strengthen their IT networks and industrial automation and control systems (IACS).
“President Obama’s homeland security agenda clearly illustrates his administration’s increased emphasis on cyber security, declaring the cyber infrastructure a strategic national asset and calling on private industry, the research community and citizens to work with the government to protect our information networks,” said Cyber Security Program Director Christine Adams from The Dow Chemical Co. “The Cyber Security Program’s guidance documents and white papers support the President’s plan by providing valuable information to assist chemical companies as they bolster the secure performance of the systems that are critical for running a business.”
The guidance documents and white papers released by the Cyber Security Program are: 

  • US-CERT: Applicability and Usefulness in the Chemical Sector 
  • HSIN-CS: Applicability and Usefulness in the Chemical Sector
  • Implementing a Cyber Security Management System: Summary of Detailed Guidance
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPS) in the Industrial Automation and Control System   (IACS) Environment White Paper
  • Data Privacy in the European Union Guidance Document
  • Report of Technical Survey Results: Separating Industrial Automation and Business Systems
  • Guidance on the Protection of Intellectual Property
    These publications are available free of charge on the Cyber Security Program Web site: The information and guidance are aligned with the Responsible Care Security Code and help support company efforts to adhere to the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) Risk-Based Performance Standards (RBPS).
    Chemical Sector Cyber Security Program members created the documents for the benefit of the entire chemical industry, as well as companies in similar industries that may find the information relevant and useful.
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