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Topic: Re: What is a good design for a stirred tank mixer?

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For blending the two liquids described, a vertical, center-mounted mixer with two (2), 0.5 meter diameter, four-blade, 45-degree, pitched-blade impellers operating at 125 rpm with a 1.5 KW motor, should be sufficient.
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    Re: What is a good design for a stirred tank mixer?

    Good day, What sort of mixing would you advise for dissolving powder that has an insoluble component of 0.5%. I would also like guidance on liquid level/tank height ratios that will allow for the most effective mixng to be achieved.
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    Re: What is a good design for a stirred tank mixer?

    Dissolving a powder depends on the same variables as those in the laboratory, particle size and solubility being the most important.  The mixer design should achieve at least off-bottom suspension of the particles, which depends on particle size, density, and concentration.  Wetting powders at the surface may be the most difficult step in dissolving powders and requires effective surface motion.

    The liquid level to tank height ratio should be near one (1:1) for most effective mixing.