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Topic: Re: Which is better, a propeller mixer or a jet nozzle?

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Properly sized, either an impeller mixer or a jet nozzle can work in a 55,000 BBL crude oil tank.  Each mixer type has advantages and disadvantages.  The propeller mixer usually requires less power than the jet mixer for the same application.  The propeller mixer needs to be aimed a little off-center to counteract the rotational flow from the impeller for good top-to-bottom motion, while aiming the jet mixer straight across the tank may be best.  However, service on the seal for the propeller mixer may require emptying the tank, while seal service on the pump for the jet mixer may be made if the tank is full and the pump has isolation shut-off valves.  By referring to the propeller mixer, as a static mixer, I assume that it is a fixed position mixer, which may mean the jet mixer nozzle can be aimed.  For crude oil storage, sludge may collect on the bottom of the tank, which may not be totally removed without the ability to move or aim either type of mixer.  Some sludge accumulation is usually not a problem.
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