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Topic: Re: Flow Meters: What is the appropriate length of reducer and expander?

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Flow rate – 5,600 cubic meters/hour = 24,656 gallons/minuteMeter Size - 900 mm = 35.43 inchesPipe Size – 1,600 mm = approx. 63 inchesMeter Length - 500 mm = 19.7 inches What kind of meter is being used? Choices – 36-inch magnetic that is about 20 inches long in a 63-inch pipe?If it is a magnetic meter and there is gravity flow, my concern would be that the pipe must be kept full (no air in top of the pipe).If it is a magnetic meter, straight runs and velocity profiles are of little concerns.My data goes up to about 20,000 gpm in 24-inch pipe.If it is a magnetic meter, ask the manufacturer about pressure drops, etc.If it isn't a magnetic meter, what is it and then ask the manufacturer.