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Topic: Re: Atomizer nozzle for reaction crystallization

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The impact of employing an atomizer nozzle for the feed depends on how fast the reaction and crystallization occurs.  If the reaction is slow, a distribution nozzle will make no difference. If the reaction is fast, a significant difference in the CSD, morphology and extent of agglomeration (if agglomerates are being made) may occur since the supersaturation is now being more uniformly dispersed.  One cannot predict the results and experimentation is required. However, the change will dramatically modify the meso mixing at the feed point that could yield a change in CSD and purity (including the ability to filter and wash the product).  Other potential changes would be the formation of a different polymorph (if polymorphism exists), selectivity of the resultant crystals, liquid inclusions and solid solutions. One also needs to carefully examine the mechanical agitation in the vessel in terms of the power inputs and number of turnovers per unit time of the active volume.