Greg Borgard is an engineering consultant with Eli Lilly and Company, Indianapolis, where he has been since 1999. He earned bachelors and masters degrees in chemical engineering from Purdue University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, respectively. He has over 21 years of industry experience, working with crop chemicals, conducting polymers, specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and biomolecules. He has covered many aspects of processing at multiple research and manufacturing sites, including process development, scale-up, pilot testing, and commercial production. Greg now works as a material selection and corrosion expert in the firm’s Materials Compatibility Lab, servicing the entire corporation by consulting on material selection issues, conducting compatibility testing, and delivering training courses.

Editor's Note: On July 1, 2015, Borgard replaced our former expert, Brian Dalder, engineering consultant, Eli Lilly. Dalder provided valueable insight and expertise as our Corrosion Expert for years. We thank him for his service to our readers and wish him well on his retirement.

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