Chemical Processing Introduces The CP 50

Welcome to the Chemical Processing 50™ (CP 50®)

The world revolves around lists. Think about it —there’s a list for everything. From the top buzzwords and gadgets to the best sports moments and viral videos, people are fascinated with lists. And for good reason: lists are a simple and succinct way to understand culture, the economy and business.

So, to help you follow what leading companies in our field are doing, we’ve established our own list — the CP 50®, which is a roster of 50 chemical processing companies that we think are worth watching and learning from.

The companies have been hand-picked by our editorial team — led by chemical-industry veteran Mark Rosenzweig, editor in chief of Chemical Processing. Mark, a chemical engineer by training, has 40-plus years’ experience covering the chemical processing industry.

The companies represented on this list are key players and leaders of the industry in terms of technology, manufacturing best practices, innovation and sustainability. These are major companies that manufacture chemicals as well as important firms that make related products using unit operations and other chemical processing technology.

Each company has its own online profile page (see the list to the right) that details what the company does, its executives, as well as news and articles related to it.

We hope you’re able to use the information to continuously improve operations at your own site. And if your company happens to be on the list, congratulations! Keep moving forward by keeping abreast of what your peers are doing.

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