CP50: Eli Lilly and Co.

Company Information

Eli Lilly and Co. has been in business more than 132 years. The global, research-based company was founded in May 1876 by Colonel Eli Lilly in Indianapolis. A 38-year-old pharmaceutical chemist and a veteran of the U.S. Civil War, Colonel Lilly was frustrated by the poorly prepared, often ineffective medicines of his day.

Although his business flourished, Colonel Lilly wasn't satisfied with the traditional methods of testing the quality of his products. In 1886, he hired a young chemist to function as a full-time scientist, using and improving upon the newest techniques for quality evaluation.

Eventually, Colonel Lilly's son, Josiah K. Lilly Sr., and two grandsons, Eli Lilly and Josiah K. Lilly Jr., each served as president of the company.

Today Eli Lilly is the 10th largest pharmaceutical company in the world. Its global employees number approximately 40,000, and its medicines are marketed in 143 countries. Lilly has major research and development facilities in eight countries and conducts clinical trials in more than 50 countries.

Company Officers

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    John C. Lechleiter

    Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

    Lechleiter chairs the company’s operations committee, as well as its executive committee. Lechleiter served previously as president and chief operating officer of Lilly, beginning in 2005, when he also joined the board. In 2004, he became Lilly’s executive vice president, pharmaceutical operations. Prior to that, he had served as executive vice president for pharmaceutical products and corporate development since 2001.

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    Enrique Conterno

    Senior Vice President and President, Lilly Diabetes

    Conterno became president of Lilly Diabetes on Nov. 1, 2009. He previously served as president of Lilly USA.

    Conterno joined Lilly as a sales representative in 1992. From 1993 to 1995, he held roles as a financial analyst, marketing associate, and business development manager. In 1996, Conterno became sales and marketing director for Lilly's Peru affiliate, and in 1998 he assumed the same role for Lilly Brazil. In 2000, Conterno was named executive director of marketing for Lilly's intercontinental region (all international markets except for Europe and Japan). In 2003, Conterno became general manager of Lilly Mexico, and in 2006 he was promoted to vice president of Lilly's neuroscience business unit in the U.S.

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    Maria Crowe

    President, Manufacturing Operations

    Crowe became president of global manufacturing operations on January 1, 2012, leading a global network of 23 sites in 13 countries. She also has responsibility for Lilly's global contract-manufacturing organization.

    In her previous role as senior vice president for global drug product manufacturing, a post she held since August 2009, Crowe oversaw drug-product manufacturing, packaging, and distribution operations in 11 countries. This included sites that manufacture tablets and capsules as well as those that manufacture injectable products formulated into vials, injection pens, and other delivery methods. Crowe also was responsible for emerging markets manufacturing, external drug-product operations, and U.S. distribution.

Investor Information

For the latest financial reports, visit: http://investor.lilly.com/index.cfm

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