Comical Processing: You Write The Cartoon Caption Winner October 17, 2010

Congratulations to John M Patterson of Borger, Texas, for submitting the winning caption to the Comical Processing cartoon. A new cartoon has been posted.

"Comical Processing" features drawings by award-winning cartoonist Jerry King. It’s our way of letting you take a break from all the serious stuff you deal with at work —  by coming up with appropriate light-hearted captions.

Comical Processing cartoon caption

Yes, I did tell the lab to speed up the 5S program.


Honorable Mentions

"Yeah, Karen, I just wanted to float a few ideas by you. . . " Submitted  by  Maria Holt; St. Louis, Mo.

"Why can't those lab geeks just celebrate a major break through at a bar like everyone else?" Submitted  by  Chuck Lewis

"So? How did Jerry take the announcement of the Lab re-org?" Submitted  by  Kevin A. Wilke

Click here to see the current Comical Processing cartoon.

Other Submissions

"It's bad enough when the lab boys toss water balloons at passing cars but this is over the top!" Submitted  by  Chuck Lewis

". . . after inspecting lab on floor above I instructed supervisor to keep hazardous chemicals away." Submitted  by  Hari S Bajpai

"How's the lab clean up coming, those government inspectors should be here any time?" Submitted  by  Craig Watkinson; Nottingham, UK

"Call the lab and ask how the anti- gravity experiment is going." Submitted  by  Ferman Prewitt; Monett, Mo.

"These financials look terrible! It's like we're throwing money right out the window." Submitted  by  Kirby Hostetler; Barberton, Ohio

"What's the deal with the increase in lab equipment expenses?" Submitted  by  Kirby Hostetler; Barberton, Ohio

"Now that the Lab has developed the next generation chemical wonder. . . we will want to make sure they don't get wind of the upcoming layoffs."Submitted  by  Rod Mueller; Hertford, N.C.

"Obviously they haven't heard of Non- destructive testing." Submitted  by  Jatin Shah

"Kathy, am I being punked again? . . . Ashton come out from behind that couch, where are the cameras?" Submitted  by  Kevin Summ; Milwaukee, Wisc.

"Now look what we did to the ozone!!!" Submitted  by  Nancy Gooding; Port Jervis, N.Y.

"Ms Jones, Please call Mr Katz down in accounting and tell him that I said 'Mazel Tov'" Submitted  by  Terry Mackin

"Yes, I told the chem lab that they couldn't have a new dishwasher and that they had to clean them by hand." Submitted  by  Paul Plante

"I believe the term is raining cats and dogs, Ms. Wilson, not raining beakers and vials." Submitted  by  Richard Redus; Lewisville, Texas

"Maggie, How did the lab take the news about the research outsource to Asia?" Submitted  by  Joe Abrantes

"Sir, they are running a muck in the upstairs lab again." Submitted  by  George Collins

"Somebody left the monkey cages open on the 7th floor testing lab. Can you check on it?" Submitted  by  Roger Holbrook

"Why are 5 chemical bottles floating over your head while I am talking to you; is it because you are getting a brain storm?" Submitted  by  Donald Drummond; Clarksburg, W. Va.

"Kim, you are great at juggling my work schedule. Now I have a new challenge for you!"Submitted  by  Chuck Lewis

" What do you mean the results went out the window?"Submitted  by  Robert Andrew

"I asked the engineers to toss out some good ideas." Submitted  by  Kristin Michael; Buffalo, N.Y.

"I see Professor McGonagal has taken up juggling again." Submitted  by  Rob Falconer; Lakeland, Fla.

"So, you're singing about five blue bottles accidentally falling now?" Submitted  by  Rob Falconer; Lakeland, Fla.