Comical Processing: You Write The Cartoon Caption Winner March 7, 2010

Congratulations to Rob Falconer of Lakeland, Fla., for submitting the winning caption to the Comical Processing cartoon. A new cartoon has been posted.

"Comical Processing" features drawings by award-winning cartoonist Jerry King. It’s our way of letting you take a break from all the serious stuff you deal with at work —  by coming up with appropriate light-hearted captions.

Comical Processing cartoon caption

Wake up! You're having another pipedream.


Honorable Mentions

"Let's see now . . . No safety glasses, short sleeved shirt, no fire retardant clothing, carrying unstable load. This sure seems like an accident waiting to happen!" Submitted  by  Gary Christie

"Hey Bob. We have vibration sensors now." Submitted  by  Michael A. Rogers; Minnesota

"Quit yer whinin', back in the good old days, we would do that on the top rack, carrying a 36" pipe wrench, in a snow storm - and we were proud of it." Submitted  by  Bob Vaughn

Click here to see the current Comical Processing cartoon.

Other Submissions

"Showboat! Now let's see you walk it backwards!" Submitted  by  Jim McDow

"The boss wanted Bob to participate in a mass balancing exercise. . . " Submitted  by  W. Todd Townsend

"This is the final test for all interns." Submitted  by  Daniel Kinsell

"I don’t think that is what the boss meant when he said you needed to 'start walking the line.'" Submitted  by  Mervin Archer; Grove, Okla.

"Bob, you can't do a halfpipe, unless it's snowboard." Submitted  by  J.F. Kemiska

"Teddy Roosevelt didn't mean that when he said 'Carry a big stick.'" Submitted  by  Bob Beck; Pompton Plains, N.J.

"Worst high-wire act, ever." Submitted  by  Kirby Hostetler; Barberton, Ohio

"Oh, he walks on the pipe with the greatest of ease. This daring young man is going down like the Exxon Valdez." Submitted  by  Steve Varga

"Where did you hear that pipe walking was going to be the next Olympic sport?" Submitted  by  Chip Palmer; Greenville, S.C.

"Wallenda, I know you are the first in your family to get a degree in engineering, but this is not what I meant when I said you needed to walk the lines to learn the process." Submitted  by  David Debari

"You're kidding me. I refuse to believe that Engineering's answer to our valve accessibility issue is to tight rope across an 8" pipe." Submitted  by  Joe Franko

"Yeah, I see, Fred, but I don't think management will go for dowsing rods for flow measurement." Submitted  by  Michael L. Dunn

"I don't care if it the only way to reach the valve . . . Safety says you can't get there from here. " Submitted  by  Kenneth W. Russell; Alpharetta, Ga.

"Can you really tell what's in the pipe with a divining rod?" Submitted  by  James Davidson; Saskatoon, SK

"Yes you have wonderful balance, but you still have to wear your fall arrest gear." Submitted  by  James Davidson; Saskatoon, SK

" I know you think this job is a circus Ralph, but quit clowning around and get down from there." Submitted  by  Harold Paine

" Bob, I don’t think that is what they meant by ‘having a balanced life’ at the seminar." Submitted  by  Douglas G. Mancosky; Rome, Ga.

"If you make it all the way to Alaska it’s a new worlds record." Submitted  by  Rick Staley

" Did I forget to tell you? This pipe has oil spilled on the outside!" Submitted  by  Regina Navarro

" Bob, this is not how we do a P&ID walkdown. You must wear a safety harness." Submitted  by  Jerry Gerlich

" It is "Work Life Balance" not Balancing your life at work!" Submitted  by  Brian Arnes

"I don’t think this is what the doctor meant when he said you needed to reach a balance in your life." Submitted  by  Robert Andrew

"Mr.Weller Why are you shaking? This is not a tight rope that you are walking." Submitted  by  Donald Drummond; W. Va.

"What do I put in the report? If he's sleepwalking, he's a somnambulist - but if he's tightrope walking, he's a funambulist. Oh, now I'm confused." Submitted  by  Rob Falconer; Lakeland, Fla.

"I don't think that's what the boss meant by finding the right balance" Submitted  by  Nathan Heinz, Cleveland, Ohio