Help Us Improve Your Salary Survey

The results of the 2010 Chemical Processing Salary and Job Satisfaction Survey are out and thanks to our readers, we were just four respondents short of breaking the all-time total of 1,830 responses set in 2007. I suspect the most popular reason our readers remain interested in our survey is to see if their salary and job satisfaction is keeping pace with everyone else.
This also was the first year since we started doing the survey in 2005 that the reported average salary ($97,554), raises (3.68%) and bonuses ($5,835) all declined. Still, job satisfaction remains high with 58.75% (968) believing they are adequately compensated.

This also marked the first year that we added social media in the forms of Twitter and Facebook as a means for collecting survey responses. We continue to use e-mail, e-newsletters and posts on to gather the responses.

There was one misconception amongst the respondents I'd like to address. One reader said he chose not to take the survey because he didn't think the incentive of offering just one 8 GB iPod Touch was worth the trouble of completing the survey compared to "all the money" we were going to make from the survey.

I want to be clear that the identities of all survey respondents are kept private and we do not resell the results or information about the respondents to anyone for any reason. The sole purpose of the survey is as a service to our readers.

Now that's all cleared up and it's post-survey time, I'd like to request some more feedback from our loyal readers. I'd like to know if there are things the results of our survey don't tell you, but you'd like to know.  Either send me an e-mail at or respond to this blog to let me know how our survey can better serve you. We appreciate your support.

Ken Schnepf
Managing Editor
Chemical Processing