on 'Risk assessment'

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  • See Risks More Clearly

    Avoid a number of common errors that can blur your vision

    Angela Summers, SIS-TECH Solutions, LP
  • Learn from a Safety Guru

    Take advantage of the insights in the books of a renowned expert

    Dirk Willard, Contributing Editor
  • Improve Your Risk Assessments

    Consider a number of steps to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

    G. C. Shah, Wood Group Mustang Inc.
  • Overcome Skepticism About LOPA

    Simple steps can help managers better appreciate the risk assessment technique.

    G.C. Shah, Mustang Engineering
  • Manage Project Risk Right

    Failure Mode Effect Analysis can provide insights about unexpected events.

    Adnan Siddiqui, ConcepSys Solutions LLC
  • Get ready to comply with new security mandates

    New anti-terrorism standards require the Department of Homeland Security to identify and regulate "high-risk chemical facilities." These facilities will be subject to a security vulnerability assessment. Where does your plant fit in with these new standards?

    David A. Moore and Dorothy Kellogg, AcuTech Consulting Group
  • Understand and Control Hot Vapor Bypass

    Contributing Editor Andrew Sloley says pressure control technique works well if implemented properly, in this month's Plant InSites column.

    Andrew Sloley, contributing editor
  • Effective Shift Handover Is No Accident

    A successful handover between shifts heavily depends on the organizational skills of management and the effective use of the communication tools available. Learn what these tools are and get the most out of your operators.

    Ian Nimmo, User Centered Design Services, LLC
  • Assessing risk in risky times

    Risk assessment has been part of the chemical engineering scope for years. The possibilities of an attack might have changed, but the consequences — a runaway reaction, a spill, etc. — are the same.

    Nick Basta
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