on 'Physical Security'

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  • Chemical plant site security enters the next phase

    With the last of mandated security deadlines now approaching, plants ponder future steps.  Read about all of the improvements and procedural changes that have already occurred and find out what might be next for your plant's security plan.

    Nick Basta, editor at large
  • Raise your guard

    Several factors drive concern for better security on the plant floor. Better technology — including iris scanning — can help you more effectively protect your plant from threats.

    Cliff Kittle
  • Closing the gap on chemical plant security

    The industry is building a security-conscious culture, but some facilities are behind the curve. The problem may not be assessment, but implementation

    Agnes Shanley
  • Who's working at your plant?

    The backgrounds of intruders may be a mystery, but the backgrounds of people regularly on your site shouldn't be. How carefully does your company check the references of people at your plant?

    Agnes Shanley
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