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  • Aim for Operational Excellence

    But first understand what targeting that goal involves and what can go wrong.

    Bernard McGarvey, Eli Lilly and Company
  • Virtual Reality Helps Field Operators Improve Performance

    Immersive high-fidelity 3D visualization now is starting to play a role in the training of operators and maintenance staff at plants. Here's a rundown of some initiatives already underway.

    Seán Ottewell, Editor at Large
  • Improve Operator Training

    Make the most of simulators by understanding five key factors for success.

    Martin Ross, Honeywell Process Solutions
  • Build Operator Expertise Faster

    Following a few do’s and don’ts can significantly speed learning.

    David A. Strobhar, Beville Engineering, and Danyele Harris-Thompson,
  • Profit More from Process Simulation

    The technology can improve a plant's bottom line in numerous ways.

    Grant Stephenson, Peter Henderson and Henry Schindler, Honeywell Process Solutions
  • Process Hero

    Simulation Software Rocks for Training, but Its Benefits Go Way Beyond Teaching to Aiding Design, Optimization, Maintenance and Life-Cycle Management. Here’s How Savvy Users are Gaining Simulation’s Full Advantages

  • 10 Tips for Success

    Paying attention to the following points can ease implementing and improving critical plant procedures:

    Patrick Kelly, Honeywell Process Solutions
  • Help Your Operators

    Automating procedures within control systems can serve to make your operators more effective and more consistent. With studies showing more than 40% of all plant incidents stemming from some form of human error, it makes sense to give automation a larger role in day-to-day operations.

    Patrick Kelly, Honeywell Process Solutions
  • Effective Shift Handover Is No Accident

    A successful handover between shifts heavily depends on the organizational skills of management and the effective use of the communication tools available. Learn what these tools are and get the most out of your operators.

    Ian Nimmo, User Centered Design Services, LLC
  • Field Notes: Don't Know Much Geometry

    The cornerstones of chemical engineering are often overlooked. Teaching theory to operators is crucial to safe operations.

    Dirk Willard
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