2010 Salary Survey: Readers Respond -- How does public opinion weigh in on satisfaction?

How the pubic perceives the chemical industry makes a difference to some workers.

Negative public opinion of the industry splits respondents (Figure 1). Approximately 13% (208) are very concerned about public opinion and another 39% (645) say they are somewhat concerned. However, 39% (642) are not really concerned about public opinion and another 9% (143) say they aren't at all concerned.

Several respondents complained that the public undervalues the role of chemicals: "People rally against the industry and the impact of chemicals and our facilities, however our lives would be dramatically impacted if the plastics and chemicals we use in every day life were eliminated," said one respondent. "I do believe the industry needs to continue minimizing our impact on the environment and health but our products are essential to a high quality life."

How the Data Were Gathered
A total of 1,827 respondents participated in this year's survey. That's second only to 2007 when 1,830 people answered our questions.

Since mid-January, respondents accessed the survey questionnaire via a link listed in the print edition of Chemical Processing, on the www.ChemicalProcessing.com Web site, and in e-newsletters and e-mail blasts sent to readers. Additionally, those who follow Chemical Processing on Twitter at Chem_Processing and Facebook at Chemical Processing Magazine were also encouraged to participate.

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