Top 10 white paper downloads

These are the 10 most downloaded white papers from our web site. See what your peers are reading.

Top 10 white paper downloads

1. Fisher control valve handbook
This 295-page PDF whitepaper is a control valve resource that has been consistently updated for 30 years. It contains vital information on control valve performance and latest technologies.

2. Implementing Six Sigma: Are you getting results fast enough?

Six Sigma focuses on high return projects that will maximize customer satisfaction. Is every part of your Six Sigma effort providing a maximum return, including your software?

3. Theory and practice of pH measurement

This 43-page guide covers the basic mechanism of pH measurement, the structure of the sensor and its fundamental limitations, and also provides installation, maintenance and troubleshooting guidance.

4. Process Modelling and Control of Batch Reactors in the Fine Chemicals Industry

This 37-page paper reviews the basic techniques for process modelling and control of batch reaction systems under steady state and dynamic conditions.

5. How to improve productivity and stay out of confined spaces

Processors have long recognized the importance of tank and reactor cleaning to product quality. This NLB white paper discusses cleaning methods and the significant implications your choice can have on productivity, safety and profitability.

6. Process Modelling: Selection of thermodynamic methods

This 39-page whitepaper discusses the importance of a suitable thermodynamic method for process modelling.

7. Technical handbook from Magnetrol

This technical handbook from Magnetrol gives important conversions, chemical properties, equivalents and pipe data.

8. Methods of determining safety integrity level (SIL)

This 17-page whitepaper discusses the application of two popular methods of determining SIL requirements – risk graph methods and layer of protection analysis (LOPA) – to process industry installations.

9. Taking Toxics Out of the Air

This 34-page PDF white paper discusses the technology and performance-based standards implemented by the EPA during the last 10 years and how they will assist in removing harmful toxins from the air.

10. How to design efficient and reliable feeders for bulk solids

This 16-page PDF white paper addresses the design of reliable feeders in your bulk material handling system.

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