Perspectives: Automation Strategies

Design Collaborative Processes Carefully

ARC reviews takeaways on information-driven asset performance.

By Valentijn de Leeuw, Vice President, ARC Advisory Group
Aug 11, 2015

Physical assets used in the process industries can range in scope and size from a single instrument or controller to a full-plant or multi-plant complex. These assets represent a significant investment and it is generally accepted that their respective lifecycles must be managed to achieve optimal return. As discussed in detail in previous ARC reports, overall asset lifecycle management (ALM) involves a set of interconnected, iterative processes: • In the design and build phase of a project, programs are managed for project performance (PPM). • During the much longer operate and maintain (O&M) phase, the process focuses on asset performance management (APM). • Asset and project portfolio management (APPM) aligns the overall portfolio of investments in assets with the company’s strategic objectives.

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