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Biological Wastewater Treatment: Really Get Bugged

Biological treatment can handle many industrial wastewater streams.

By Dirk Willard, Contributing Editor
May 24, 2016

BP management had its doubts. John Eastman’s proposal was to eliminate NH3 from wastewater at the firm’s chemical plant in Lima, Ohio, using a two-stage bioreactor. It started with aerobic nitrosomonas bacteria converting NH3 to nitrites in filter substrates, and then used anaerobic denitrifying bacteria to convert the nitrites to N2. In the second stage, these bacteria were to be grown in large ponds. The pilot plant worked flawlessly and we developed a front-end loading (FEL-3) scope and budget for the process. (Adequate front-end loading is crucial for any project; see “Don’t Flub Front-End Loading.[sitetree_link,id=9604]”)

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