Perspectives: Energy Saver

Energy Saver: Create Cold from Heat

An absorption system using waste heat often is a good fit to provide cooling

By Riyaz Papar, Energy Columnist
Nov 14, 2016

In last month’s column, I discussed upgrading low-temperature heat to create useful high- or medium-temperature heat for process demands (“Take a Look at Thermocompressors[sitetree_link,id=11570]”). Here, I’ll take a different approach to using low-temperature heat — creating cold (chilled-water or refrigeration). When I started my career, I worked as an applications engineer for a small company (Energy Concepts) that targeted projects for effectively capturing low-temperature waste heat and using that heat to provide cooling within the plant. I was very fortunate to learn not just the concepts and theory but also the practical applications of these systems in the field. You might already have guessed it — I am talking about absorption systems.

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