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Videos Teach Effective Process Control

Well-known authority presents a series focused on a multivariable application

By Traci Purdum, Senior Digital Editor
Sep 24, 2015

In the world of process control, when Cecil Smith speaks people listen. He is president of Cecil L. Smith, Inc., Houston, a firm specializing in automation technology that he founded after leaving the faculty of Louisiana State University. Cited as one of the 50 most influential people in the field by the International Society of Automation’s Intech magazine, he teaches courses on control topics and has authored or co-authored 14 books, including "Digital Control of Industrial Processes,” and more than 100 articles. Among his contributions to CP is a four-part series on level control: “Neglect Level Control at Your Peril[sitetree_link,id=2159],” “Be Levelheaded about Surge-Tank Control[sitetree_link,id=2135],”  “Avoid Vessel Level Trips[sitetree_link,id=2043],”  and “Control Level with a Cascade.[sitetree_link,id=2074]” Additionally, he is one of our experts in our Ask the Experts forum.

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