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By Traci Purdum, senior digital editor

I recently attended an e-mail marketing summit in Las Vegas — yeah, someone had to do it. Although there were many distractions (slot machines, Jersey Boys, Elvis impersonators and real-life crime as exciting as an episode of CSI), I did learn a lot about helping readers get the most from our e-Newsletter offerings.

One of the themes of the summit was tailoring e-newsletters to specific interests. The goal is to save readers' time by offering information that matters to them in one area. Many folks were taking furious notes as if this was a new concept. I was pleased to realize that Chemical Processing has been addressing this for several years. We have many e-Newsletters targeted at very specific audiences. Here are just a few (Check out our entire list of e-Newsletters).

Powder Handling Insider — This monthly e-newsletter addresses handling and processing powder and solids. Coverage includes mixing and blending, intermediate and final product storage, material movement and particle size control.

Asset Management Insider — Getting the most out of equipment is crucial for efficient and economic plant operations. This monthly e-newsletter focuses on how to optimize assets and lower costs.

Fluid Handling Insider
—  For information on safe, efficient movement and management of gases and liquids, check out this monthly offering. It covers valves, piping, pumps, compressors, motors, drives and predictive monitoring technologies.

Energy Efficiency Insider — Most plants face increasing power and fuel costs and pressure to lower costs. This monthly e-newsletter looks specifically at how to improve energy efficiency and optimize resources.

Water Optimization Insider — Count on this monthly e-newsletter to provide insights about the critical challenges of improving wastewater treatment and industrial water quality.

Process Instrumentation Insider — Proper process performance demands good data. This monthly e-newsletter covers trends and developments in instrumentation and control technology.

We also have a few general-interest e-newsletters:

Insights From the CP50 — Learn what 50 of the leading chemical companies, the members of the CP50, are doing — their developments, pioneering actions, and lessons they've learned in this monthly e-newsletter.

Chemical Processing Weekly — This weekly e-newsletter focuses on articles, Ask the Experts' Q&A and blogs new to It's an easy way to stay on top of what's happening.

CP Fab Five — This monthly alert provides information on new products available for process and plant optimization.

In addition, we offer White Paper Alerts — monthly rundowns of whitepapers that have been added to These papers are available to registered members at no charge and may be downloaded immediately.

Please sign up for as many e-newsletters as you like. It's easy to do by visiting and checking off the ones that interest you. We only ask for your name and e-mail address so we can start delivering our award-winning content to your e-mail inbox. As Elvis would say, Thank you. . . thank you very much.



Traci Purdum is Chemical Processing's senior digital editor. She is also a fan of niche newsletters and Elvis. You can email her at

Be sure to check out her page.


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