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Bonomi Introduces Valpres Series Ball Valves

Bonomi North America introduced wafer stainless steel, full-port ball valves, a flow-enhancing alternative to high-performance butterfly valves in OEM applications, skid-mounted systems or any tightly-confined area.

Category: Fluid handling

Product Type: Valves

Bonomi North America

GE Introduces PACSystems High Availability With PROFINET System

PACSystems High Availablity with PROFINET System enables companies with mission critical applications to maximize uptime, capitalize on flexible configurations and use their own intelligence for faster decision-making.

Category: Process control

Product Type: Automation systems

GE Intelligent Platforms

OMEGA Introduces Wireless Pulse Data Loggers

OMEGA introduced a new series of wireless pulse data loggers.

Category: Instrumentation

Product Type: Data Logger

Omega Engineering

Marsh Bellofram Introduces Type T289 Regulator

Marsh Bellofram introduced the Type 289 industrial gas back pressure regulator.

Category: Fluid handling

Product Type: Regulators

Marsh Bellofram

HiP Introduces Medium Pressure Line 1-1/2-Inch Fittings

High Pressure Equipment Company (HiP) expanded its medium pressure line with the addition of a 1-1/2" OD line of fittings, couplings, tubing and nipples that accommodate pressures up to 15,000 psi.

Category: Fluid handling

Product Type: Pipe, tubing and fittings

High Pressure Equipment Company

Eriez Introduces Deep Bed Gravity Filter

Eriez HydroFlow introduced the Deep Bed Gravity Filter.

Category: Separations technology

Product Type: Filtration

Eriez Manufacturing Co.

Emerson Introduces Enhanced 6888 Gas O2 Analyzer

Emerson Process Management enhanced the Rosemount Analytical 6888 In Situ Flue Gas O2 Analyzer with new diagnostics that help maintain optimum oxygen levels in flue gases.

Category: Utilities and energy

Product Type: Steam systems

Emerson Process Management

Ross Introduces Dual-Shaft Mixers

Ross Dual-Shaft Mixers enable efficient powder dispersion and batch temperature control for manufacturing low to high viscosity formulations.

Category: Powders and solids

Product Type: Mixing, blending

Charles Ross & Son Company

NLB Introduces RPN4009 Typhoon Jet Nozzle

NLB introduced the RPN4009, a self-rotating water jet nozzle and part of the Typhoon 10 series.

Category: Reliability and Maintenance

Product Type: Maintenance services

NLB Corp.

FMI Introduces CeramPump QDX Hazardous Duty Metering Pump

Fluid Metering, Inc. introduced the valveless QDX metering pump for small and mid-size treatment facilities.

Category: Fluid handling

Product Type: Pumps

Fluid Metering, Inc.

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Displaying 11-20 of 1091 results