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Anemometer Delivers Complete Environmental Readings

Omega HHF-12 anemometer measures ambient temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction all in one lightweight, handheld meter.

Category: Instrumentation

Product Type: Anemometer

Omega Engineering

Rupture Disc Protects Pressure Apparatus

Rembe introduces new rupture disc.

Category: Safety

Product Type: Over-pressure and explosion protection

Rembe Inc.

MBR Lowers Aeration Energy Consumption

KMS MBR requires a smaller system footprint and reduces long-term operational costs.

Category: Separations technology

Product Type: Membrane technology

Koch Membrane Systems

Analyzer Implements Multicomponent System

Cascade Technologies introduces CT52000 Industrial Gas Analyzer.

Category: Instrumentation

Product Type: Analyzer

Emerson Process Management

Composites Increase Pump Efficiency

Thermoplastic polymer composites are developed specifically for the manufacture of bushings, bearings and wear rings in pumps.

Category: Reliability and Maintenance

Product Type: Replacement components and materials

EGC Critical Components

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Displaying 11-15 of 3242 results