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Airlock Suits Sanitary Processes

The new CMD Airlock is suitable for applications where dry raw or finished products are handled and where inspection or system clean-out are required.

Category: Powders and solids

Product Type: Conveying

Schenck Process

Flow Hoods Minimize Turbulence

Rear wall perforations remove air at the rear of the cabinet to minimize any turbulence.

Category: Safety

Product Type: Environmental Safety

Air Science

Flow Meter Features Hazardous Location Option

Coriolis flow meters feature explosion-proof transmitter with intrinsically safe sensors.

Category: Instrumentation

Product Type: Flow

Badger Meter

Butterfly Valve Enhances Safety

Triple offset butterfly valve delivers flow control, optimized Cv and low Delta P in a single valve.

Category: Fluid handling

Product Type: Valves

Crane ChemPharma

Unit Loosens Agglomerated Material

System utilizes hydraulically actuated pivoting conditioning arms with extended travel and features "v-shaped" tubular breaker profiles to efficiently return severely agglomerated materials to a free-flowing state.

Category: Powders and solids

Product Type: Agglomeration

Material Transfer & Storage

Filters Withstand Repeated Steam Cycles

Filter cartridges can withstand 250 steam sterilization cycles for one hour at temperatures of 142°C.

Category: Separations technology

Product Type: Filtration


Multimeter/Imager Enables Faster Troubleshooting

Full-featured true RMS digital multimeter and thermal camera in one device speed troubleshooting.

Category: Reliability and Maintenance

Product Type: Condition monitoring sensors and inspection tools


Gaskets Detect Metal

Metal Detectable Gaskets improve product purity and safety.

Category: Powders and solids

Product Type: Seals & Packing

Bunting Magnetics

Centrifugal Sifter Achieves Rates Up to 100 Tons/Hour

Kason’s Model K1350C removes oversize foreign matter and agglomerates from on-size material at rates up to 100 tons per hour on a continuous basis.

Category: Powders and solids

Product Type: Screening


Safety Relays Offer Small Footprint

The PSRmini family is 70% smaller than standard 22.5-mm safety relays.

Category: Safety

Product Type: Safety instrumented systems

Phoenix Contact

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Displaying 21-30 of 919 results