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Regulator Handles Pressures Of Clean Gas Applications

Cashco introduces BL1 regulator.

Category: Fluid handling

Product Type: Regulators


Portable Mixer Stands Transport With Tote Bins

Mobile stands are offered in three sizes.

Category: Fluid handling

Product Type: Mixers

Sharpe Mixers

Split-Body Flanged Valves Provide Precise Flow

Flanges are suited for use with corrosive fluids, gases and all steam applications.

Category: Fluid handling

Product Type: Valves

Bonomi North America

Rotary Drum Screen Separates Solids Without Clogging

Screen reduces floor space and headroom requirements.

Category: Separations technology

Product Type: Filtration

Munson Machinery

Matrix Technology Offers Harmonic Mitigation

The HVAC Matrix Drive (Z1000U) provides low harmonic distortion in a space-saving design.

Category: Utilities and energy

Product Type: Motors and drives

Yaskawa America Inc.

No Drip Atomizing Nozzles Positively Stop Liquid Flow

The nozzles are suitable for applications where no post-spray drip is permissible.

Category: Reliability and Maintenance

Product Type: Maintenance services


Modular Pressure Switches Feature Easy Field Setting

Switches are available in a range of configurations.

Category: Instrumentation

Product Type: Pressure

Omega Engineering

VSDs Feature Embedded Intelligent Services

Applications perform more efficiently through embedded process knowledge, configurable on-board dashboards and a graphical HMI display designed to deliver information specifically oriented to the customer’s application.

Category: Fluid handling

Product Type: Compressors

Schneider Electric

Pump Features Variable Flow Rates

Aalborg Instruments’ Model TPT Mini features flow rates from 7 mL/min to 28 mL/min with a choice of four different RPM drives (8, 12, 17, or 25) and tubing sizes.

Category: Fluid handling

Product Type: Pumps


Process Instrumentation Sunshade Shields

Intertec launched a large cube-shaped sunshade for process instrumentation.

Category: Process control

Product Type: Automation systems

Intertec Instrumentation Inc.

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Displaying 21-30 of 1563 results