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Modern Process Equipment Corporation

Modern Process Equipment Corporation has announced the IMD 1052 Gran-U-Lizer™, specifically designed for chemical applications that demand superior size uniformity. The design of the IMD 1052 Gran-U-Lizer virtually eliminates unwanted “fines” and provides the most uniform particle size ...

TechniKrom, Inc.

TechniKrom, Inc. has announced a new line of Bioprocess LC system upgrades. It is now possible to take any existing chromatography skid and upgrade it using TechniKrom's patent pending Adaptive PAT technology.

Rohrback Cosasco

Rohrback Cosasco Systems has introduced the Model E-9020 Corrater® Digital Transmitter for monitoring corrosion rate and pitting tendency in water systems. The rugged construction of the UL/CSA/ATEX certified explosion-proof transmitter makes it ideal for operation in electrically hazardous area ...

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. announces the customizable SEL-3351 Substation Computing Platform designed to replace office-grade PC's in control house environments and the SEL-3301 Protocol Gateway for connecting older and newer equipment.

Watlow Electric

Watlow's new Rapid Response Heat Exchanger heats gases and fluids as they circulate through the unit's tubular design. It offers users a quick response rate in high-pressure conditions, making it ideal for precision applications.

Wanner Engineering

Wanner Engineering's H/G25 Kel-Cell series industrial pumps feature patented Diaphragm Position Control (DPC) technology. This technology helps to control diaphragm position under a variety of adverse inlet conditions.

Asahi/America Inc.

These globe control valves are designed for precise flow control and are available in both pneumatic (air to spring) or electric (115vac 1ph supply voltage), in body materials of PVC, PP, PVDF and PTFE, and in sizes from ½-inch to 4-inches.


Alemite has introduced a new grease flow meter, a device that can be used to measure and dispense precise amounts of grease to bearings and other moving parts.

Hardy Instruments

Hardy Instruments has announced a choice of mounting hardware for its ADVANTAGE® Lite series of Load Points, its medium capacity, compression type, stainless steel load points and sensor line.


Chromalox®, the world's largest manufacturer of industrial heat and control products, has introduced a customizable air temperature control system for comfort, rental, and construction heat applications.


Nalbach Engineering Company has released its latest auger filling system. The “S” series is specifically designed for manual, batch filling, applications. This filling system can handle low volume, batch applications and applications in which the density of the product varies significantly.


Airguard has introduced a combination particulate and activated carbon filter that provides long-lasting odor control in a broad range of commercial and industrial environments.

System Improvements Inc.



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Displaying 158-173 of 173 results