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Blender Affords Low To High Shear

Blender is suited for high speed blending and/or homogenizing of dry solids, agglomerates, slurries or pastes.

Category: Powders and solids

Product Type: Mixing, blending

Munson Machinery

Tower Provides High Cooling Capacity

Cooling system offers alternative to field-erected towers.

Category: Utilities and energy

Product Type: Cooling and process water

SPX Process Equipment

Reactor Offers Flexible Scale-Up

Syrris launches the Orb Pilot jacketed reactor.

Category: Reaction and Synthesis

Product Type: Reactors


Flame Arrestor Prevents Explosions

Model 6E00 end-of-line deflagration flame arrestor is an independent safety system designed to ensure explosion protection.

Category: Safety

Product Type: Over-pressure and explosion protection


Blower Supports Simple Installation

Tuthill introduces MPAC 2000 blower package.

Category: Utilities and energy

Product Type: Vacuum systems


Sensors Measure Liquid Levels

FMR10 and FMR20 measure liquid levels up to an accuracy of 0.08 in. at ranges up to 66 feet.

Category: Instrumentation

Product Type: Sensor

Endress + Hauser

Reader Performs At Long Ranges

F192 reader reads up to 200 tags at distances of 15+ feet.

Category: Process control

Product Type: output devices


Borescope Enables Continuous Temperature Measurement

The NIR-B 3XR delivers continuous reformer tube wall temperature (TWT) measurement and furnace optimization and monitoring.

Category: Instrumentation

Product Type: Temperature

Ametek Process Instruments

Analyzer System Suits Hazardous Areas

Modular X80 Universal Transmitter and S88 Intelligent Sensors feature a sealed barrier design with heavy duty construction materials for the reliable measurement of pH, ORP, DO, turbidity, conductivity or resistivity and 13 specific ions (pIONs).

Category: Instrumentation

Product Type: Analyzer

Electro-Chemical Devices

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Displaying 10-18 of 3470 results