Temperature Compensation Increases Accuracy of Water Cut Monitor

Ametek Drexelbrook added temperature compensation to its Universal IV CM water cut monitor to improve its accuracy and reliability for temperatures up to 71 degrees Celsius (160 degrees Fahrenheit). The temperature compensated model delivers superior water cut measurement accuracy in the low ranges (0 – 1 percent, 0-5 percent, 0-10 percent and 0-30 percent water), accuracy down to 0.03 percent water, and measurement resolution down to 0.0002 percent water.

Its Perm-A-Seal sensing element installs directly into a main process line without requiring spool pieces, side-arms or slipstreams, and its proven Cote-Shield technology ignores coating buildup on the probe. Oil and gas applications for the Universal IV CM include automatic well testing, lease automatic custody transfer, basic sediment and water, separation vessels, pipeline slug detection, truck unloading, pipe protection, dielectric analysis, and machinery lube oil monitoring.

The Universal IV has a built-in LCD display and keypad. It can be configured for NPT or flanged mountings and can be installed in all common pipe diameters. It is fully backward compatible with Drexelbrook’s CM-6 / CM-3 systems, offering users a seamless transition to the Universal IV system.

Its sensing element takes an average of the capacitive property of the fluid over its entire length, ensuring a smoother and more accurate response regardless of the mixture.

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Ametek Drexelbrook