Membranes Handle High Solids Water Applications


Koch Membrane Systems introduces the latest evolution of its Puron submerged hollow fiber (HF) modules, designed for tertiary treatment, high solids water applications, RO pretreatment, and surface water treatment. The Puron HF module produces consistent, high-quality effluent that meets or exceeds most regulatory requirements.

With a packing density increase of more than 44% and robust PVDF fibers, the Puron HF offers a reduced system footprint, high flux, and lower capital costs. Puron Plus MBR packaged system are skid-mounted packaged plants, which provide customers a full scope of supply, from prescreening and biological treatment through the final membrane clarification step.

These pre-engineered MBR plants offer a reduced footprint, flexible layout, and a design optimized to meet most environmental discharge regulations. KMS also offers low-cost, flexible Puron Plus MBR modular systems.

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