Software Presents Recorded Videographic Data

ABB has introduced the second generation of software for its range of ScreenMaster videographic data recorders. Called DataManagerPro, the software features a new operating platform that offers features for interrogating and presenting recorded data. Operators can collect data from multiple recorders, manually from their memory cards or automatically via a network.

Data is stored in DataManagerPro's database for secure long-term storage, easy access and data integrity verification. Functions include the ability to compile graphical charts from the data, which show a range of different parameters that can be readily compared and contrasted. Operators can also create templates of charts for specific types of data or processes.

Data from a single recorder or selected data from multiple recorders can be viewed within a single chart or template. Using the dual cursor function, operators can access process statistics for selected periods of time. To enable operators to discover whether the process is within required limits, DataManagerPro includes a “marker” function which shows the normal conditions for the process. 

All collected data can be presented as a chart, together with accompanying tables and statistics. Charts can also be annotated with event data such as alarms and operator messages that occurred at the time of recording. In addition, information can be securely added alongside the original data by DataManagerPro during data review. 

Reliability and Maintenance
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Data collection devices