Monitoring System Targets Static Electricity

Newson Gale has released an updated version of its Earth-Rite static electricity monitoring system, which consists of an enclosed power supply and electronic monitor that provides an enhanced margin of safety when Type C FIBCs or similar static dissipative containers are used to transfer bulk powdered and other solid materials in hazardous areas.

The Earth-Rite monitoring system continuously verifies the existence of a low-resistance path between the container’s static dissipative or conductive fibers and a known grounding point. It also provides protection against an uncontrolled static discharge in a variety of hazardous atmospheres, including combustible gas or dust, or solvent vapors.

As long as safe operating conditions are confirmed, the system displays a pulsing green multi-LED display indicating that the transfer can proceed. The system also includes a pair of DPDT control contacts that can be interlocked with the process controls to sound audible alarms or prevent the transfer from proceeding until a safe condition exists.

Able to be installed in accordance with North American NEC Class/Division practices or IECEX/ATEX Zoning requirements, the system comes with a stainless steel grounding clamp assembly designed for clamping onto flexible/fabric static dissipative materials. The main controller and indication unit is housed inside an IP66/NEMA 4X enclosure.

Additional features include a choice of use with static dissipative polyester for Class I and II, Division 2 installations, or cast aluminum for class I & II Division 1 installations. All units are also suitable for Gas/Vapor Groups A,B,C,D and E,F,G for dust.

Product Type:
Environmental Safety