High-Impact Tank-Washing Nozzle Provides Constant Rotation Speed


The New HydroWhirl Poseidon from BETE is a clean-in-place rotating tank-washing nozzle that combines slow-moving rotation and high-impact spray pattern. It is suitable for tanks up to 22 feet in diameter.

The bearing-less design provides a slow, nearly constant rotation speed over the operating pressure range. The HydroWhirl Poseidon is self-cleaning and media lubricated. The PTFE material of construction with clip-on (316 SS retaining pin) or threaded connections is suitable for corrosive environments and harsh cleaning fluids. It is made from FDA-approved materials for use in clean-in-place applications. 

With six standard models, each with eight or nine different connection options, BETE can recommend a HydroWhirl Poseidon for a wide range of tank sizes to clean the toughest challenges found in a variety of applications.

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