Air Atomizing Nozzle Suits High Viscosity Fluids

Bete Fog Nozzle’s XAER is the latest addition to the company’s range of spray nozzles. The XAER air-atomizing spray nozzle provides a full cone round spray pattern that is especially suited for liquids with a high viscosity (100+ cP).  The round pattern XAER complements the existing XAEF nozzle, which produces a flat fan spray pattern.

The nozzle operates with an external mix, which means the atomization of the fluid takes place outside the nozzle. As the XAER is an external mix, as opposed to an internal mix, the flow rate is not dependent on the air pressure, which can result in easier control. It is available for one-eight-inch and one-quarter-inch pipe sizes and can be specified in a choice of standard material,s including nickel-plated brass, 303 or 316 stainless steel. The XAER can also be constructed from other materials to accommodate demanding conditions.

Typical applications include spray drying, where the fluid pressure is typically lower and the fluid viscosities are typically higher. Other applications for the XAER nozzle include gas cooling and coating foodstuffs.  One of the features of the nozzle includes the ability to inject a viscous liquid into a gas stream that contains powder particles in order to coat the powder with the liquid.

Design features of the nozzle include an external mix that allows spraying of viscous materials; the ability to spray high-viscosity (100+ cP) fluids where a round spray pattern is required; liquid flow rate that is only controlled by the liquid pressure, variable atomization;, a narrow spray angle (10 degrees to 30 degrees); and precise metering of the liquid flow rate.

Fluid handling
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