Integrated MSDS Data Can Streamline Development Of Hazard Communication Documentation

3E Co. introduces the 3E Integrated MSDS Data for MSDgen. The solution features the integration of 3E’s material safety data sheet management service with its MSDgen MSDS authoring system. It brings data-sharing capabilities that can help facilitate more efficient development of hazard communication documentation and management of vendor raw material MSDSs. 

3E Integrated MSDS Data for MSDgen enables customers to load and update the data found on vendor MSDS documents into MSDgen, potentially reducing the amount of time required to acquire and access these documents and data. 3E Integrated MSDS Data for MSDgen extracts key physical-chemical data, such as boiling point, physical state, density, and flash point, to load into MSDgen as key raw material inputs for the development of product-level hazard communication documentation.

The seamless integration of indexed data from the raw material MSDSs can streamline the authoring process because now the MSDS author does not have to manually enter this information into MSDgen.   

3E Integrated MSDS Data for MSDgen combines MSDS content, including both data and documents, with the ability to import that data into MSDgen. Users of 3E Integrated MSDS Data for MSDgen are able to leverage 3E’s MSDS obtainment capabilities, in which the company’s team of researchers obtains MSDSs for customers. This team is continually collecting and processing new and revised MSDS documents on the customer’s behalf, then extracting relevant data and incorporating that new information into 3E’s hazardous materials information database.

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Hazard analysis
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