Diaphragm Gas Pump Suits High-Temperature Monitoring Applications

Clark Solutions' Boxer 7000 Diaphragm Pumps are rated for flow rates up to 64 L/Min and feature integral damping chambers and a resonating membrane to minimize vibration. An available dual head model further balances flow.

The pumps are suitable for a range of high-temperature applications such as sampling stack gases and exhaust emissions. Boxer 7000 Diaphragm Pumps are available with either parallel head configuration for maximum flow or with series head configuration for maximum vacuum or pressure performance.

Features include a maximum ambient operating temperature of 50 degrees Celsius, maximum media temperature of 100 degrees Celsius, Barb tubing connection for 6 to 8mm ID, and weights of 1,100g for the model 7502 and 1,870g for the model 7004.

Fluid handling
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