Premium Efficient Motors Exceed New Regulatory Standards

Baldor Electric Co. has recently added additional designs to its Baldor Reliance Super-E line of premium efficient motors. Baldor’s Super-E motors will now be available in almost any configuration for specific applications.

In addition, Super-E efficiencies meet or exceed NEMA Premium efficiencies followed by most electric utilities and meet or exceed levels required by the Energy Independence and Security Act which will go into effect in December.

Super-E motors include 26 premium efficient ratings designed for the heating, ventilating and air conditioning industry, more than 50 washdown, paint-free and all stainless premium efficient ratings, and more than 70 premium efficient unit handling ratings.  Baldor also is adding 450 additional Super-E designs across many AC motor families to solidify its commitment to offering the broadest line of NEMA Premium motors available in the industry.

Super-E motors carry a full, three-year warranty.  General-purpose ratings are available from stock from 1 to 450 horsepower.  Baldor also stocks Super-E severe-duty motors up to 700 horsepower in low and medium voltages, C-Face to 100 horsepower, explosion-proof through 200 horsepower, and close-coupled pump ratings up to 50 horsepower.  The range of stock Super-E designs includes washdown duty, IEEE 841 severe duty, 200 and 575-volt, brake motors and open drip proof through 450 horsepower.  In addition, Baldor Reliance premium efficiency custom motors are available through 15,000 horsepower.

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