Interchangeable Reactor Tray Extends Temperature Range

A new interchangeable reactor tray is now available for the Uniqsis FlowSyn Continuous Flow Reactor that extends the system’s working temperature range down to -40°C. The “Cold Tray” Reactor Module was developed in response to user requests for sub-ambient capability and can be fitted retrospectively to existing FlowSyn systems in a few minutes. Used with a suitable heater/chiller unit — both M16 and barbed connections are available for freedom of choice — and an appropriate thermal fluid, the system has a validated temperature range from -40°C to +150°C, and will maintain stable low temperature conditions for extended periods. Control is via the standard FlowSyn user interface for added convenience — no additional PC is required so the complete system has a very small footprint.

The Cold Tray can be used with the Uniqsis coiled tubing reactors, with column reactors or a combination of both. Two tubing reactors can be simultaneously fitted to the cooled coil module and interconnected via a T-piece, allowing the low temperature introduction of reagents at an intermediate stage of the reaction. Exothermic mixing can be controlled by fitting a glass mixer block cooled to the same temperature as the reactor so that precise temperature control is achieved at the point of mixing. The Cold Tray is also fully compatible with the recently introduced FlowSyn Multiple Experiment Package, capable of running up to 10 sequential experiments with different reaction times, temperatures and reagent stoichiometries and ideal for reaction profiling and optimisation studies.

The FlowSyn Continuous Flow Reactor integrates all the essential elements for continuous flow chemistry into a single, easy-to-use package. FlowSyn is simple to set up and operate and offers safe, unattended operation for tasks such as synthesis, reaction optimisation and scale-up experiments, in quantities from milligrams to hundreds of grams.

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