UniTrak Corporation Limited, manufacturers of the TipTrak bucket elevator line, has announced the release of its Powderflight® aeromechanical conveyors. Powderflight® conveyors are part of the product line of UniTrak's subsidiary in the United Kingdom - UniTrak Powderflight Limited.

The aeromechanical conveyors handle anything from chalk to lead shot, but in UniTrak President, Bill Gorsline's words “They hit peak efficiency handling fine powder or granules. They handle a wide variety of materials, with minimal product degradation and no separation of blended materials.” Gorsline described typical applications as “Filling silos or tankers, batching various products into a mixer, feeding reactor vessels, or from mixers or reactor vessels to bulk bags. It's a very versatile conveyor, and it has a small footprint, so it can provide solutions in some very tight spaces.”

Gorsline stated that Powderflight's ability to operate efficiently at all angles is a major asset. “Any angle—zero to ninety. Ninety degrees vertical is the most efficient configuration, and Powderflight can go to vertical without any loss in capacity. The range of configurations and system layouts is virtually limitless, and integration into a process line is easy using standard components.”

Powderflight® conveyors are manufactured in three models, varying by capacity: Model M75 will handle 6 cubic feet per minute; M100 – 13 cubic feet; M125 – 25 cubic feet.

Asked about through-put, Gorsline stated, “An M100 will take roughly two hours to empty a 24-ton bulk tanker/carrier. For emptying bulk bags, we'd expect to handle four to six bags an hour.”

Powderflight has well-established credentials in Europe, says Marie Lytle, UniTrak's Marketing Team Leader. “It's earned a solid reputation as a reliable, affordable machine that delivers predictable, high-efficiency, dust-free handling for a wide variety of food and chemical materials.

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