Flow Controllers Include Safe Delivery System Option

Brooks Instrument offers a new Safe Delivery System option for its GF120 mass flow controllers. The GF120 SDS is a low-pressure drop mass flow controller that delivers subatmospheric SDS gases used in implant and etch processes.
Subatmosphereic SDS gases are adsorbed onto a solid medium within the gas cylinder, remaining below atmospheric pressure despite containing up to 15 times more dopant than conventional pressurized sources. Most mass flow controllers require a 50 Torr differential pressure at flow rates of 5 sccm. But with that pressure drop, only about 65% of the dopant can be extracted. The GF120 SDS low-pressure operation enables a further 30% of the dopant to be extracted, according to Brooks Instrument.
The GF120 SDS models may also be used in other applications that require low pressure drop. These devices are available in full-scale flow ranges from 4 sccm to 1 slpm.

For more information, visit http://www.brooksinstrument.com.

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