Rhodia Product Receives Aquatic Micro-Organism Certification

Rhodia has received the W270 certification regarding aquatic micro organisms for its Technyl A 218W V30 grade. This essential standard for industries producing applications in contact with drinking water completes Rhodia’s existing range approved for food and water contact delivered by European and American regulatory authorities. Technyl A 218W V30 is a 30% glass fiber reinforced polyamide 6.6.

Technyl A 218W V30 shows a superior hydrolysis resistance to standard polyamide 6.6 glass filled grades demonstrated by the absence of glass fibers appearing near the surface even after more than 2,500 hours of ageing.

In addition, after 10,000 hours in an aqueous environment heated up to 95°C, Technyl A 218W V30 also preserves up to 75% of its excellent mechanical properties – more than 15% higher than traditional materials.

Rhodia’s Technyl A 218W V30 has been successfully homologated for use in customer’s various end-use applications and is particularly designed for use in heating systems, pumps and valves and similar applications.

For more information, visit: http://www.rhodia.com.

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