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  • CP Minute Clinic: Alarm Targets

    Many companies use targets to drive design and that can lead to negative consequences. Additionally, there is no clear definition of how you count what is an alarm. And sometimes all alarms are treated the same. These missteps can lead to disaster. This episode of the Minute Clinic features Dave Strobhar – founder and principal human factors engineer for Beville Engineering and the Center for Operator Performance. One of his suggestions is to not get caught up in the metrics. He also details steps to ensure operators can deal with all levels of alarms.

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    Traci Purdum, senior digital editor
  • CP Minute Clinic: Low-Cost Ways to Improve Operator Decision-Making

    This Minute Clinic episode offers straight-forward solutions to help operators make better decisions. According to Dave Strobhar – founder and principal human factors engineer for Beville Engineering and the Center for Operator Performance – errors occur because operators misdiagnose events. This podcast answers why they are coming to the wrong conclusions and how you can turn it around via a few easy methods.

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    Traci Purdum, senior digital editor
  • Leadership Focus Podcast: Book Review -- Control System Migrations

    control system migrationsIf you're about to embark on a control system migration project, the best thing you can do is prepare. Indeed, there are many complexities to consider with any migration project. Wanting to help future generations, Daniel Roessler wrote the book, Control System Migrations: A Practical Project Management Handbook (Momentum Press, 2013).

    "As experienced engineers, we aren't doing an effective job passing along the value of our experiences to younger engineers," says Roessler. "Hopefully this book will be helpful . . .  to be a resource where they can gain experience." This handbook proves useful for seasoned engineers, too.

    Roessler tells Senior Digital Editor Traci Purdum the reasons behind his methodology and how readers should use this book. He also reveals his a-ha moments during the writing process and what an optimal migration team should look like.

    Roessler has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. His career, spanning over 20 years, began as a process control engineer and project manager for an end-user company in the chemical and polymer industries. He also worked as a system integrator and later in business development and marketing positions for several process automation vendors providing hardware, software and automation service solutions to the process industries.

    He is currently a freelance writer and also principal consultant for DANR Consulting. For additional information, email him at

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  • Podcast: Control System Migration

    Control system performance can significantly impact a manufacturer's bottom line. Leveraging automation capabilities through simplified, cost-effective migration to a new technology can protect investments, improve business results and even reduce risks.

  • Sight Glass Extreme Pressure Test

    See what happens when a sight glass at 3,300 psi is struck with a projectile. This video shows an actual pressure-impact test on an L.J. Star Metaglas sight window. A sight glass is the weakest link in a chemical processing system, and when it fails under pressure it is extremely dangerous. Fortunately, there is a way to give glass amazing strength.

  • Product-Focus Series: Venture Measurement at the 2011 Chem Show

    Jimmy Shoulders, Vice President of Sales at Venture Measurement, which includes Niagara Meters -- a provider of instrumentation products critical to process industries, told Traci Purdum, senior digital editor, about the company's ForceMeter.

  • Product-Focus Series: Brooks Instrument at the 2011 Chem Show

    This year's Chem Show has aisle after aisle of exhibitors displaying solutions for the chemical processing industry. Traci Purdum, senior digital editor with Chemical Processing magazine, spoke with Steve Kannengieszer, director of marketing, mass flow products at Brooks Instrument.

  • Product-Focus Series: Edwards Vacuum at the 2011 Chem Show

    Reporting from the 2011 Chem Show, Traci Purdum is joined by Dr. Don Collins -- Market Development Manager for the chemical and pharmaceutical dry pump section at global vacuum company, Edwards Limited, which is headquartered in the UK. Edwards invented the concept of the low-maintenance, cost-effective, oil-free dry vacuum pump.

  • Product-Focus Series: Fike at the 2011 Chem Show

    Traci Purdum, senior digital editor for Chemical Processing, is joined by Daniel Willis -- National Sales Manager for Industrial Protection Products at Fike. He has tremendous knowledge the changing codes and regulations within the industry.

  • Rosenzweig's Ramblings April 2011: Biofuels Development Gets a Boost

    Mark notes that moving promising biofuels technology from the lab to demonstration scale often poses a significant financial as well as technical hurdle. Now, though, developers can take advantage of an expanded government research facility.

    Mark Rosenzweig, Editor-in-Chief
  • Rosenzweig's Ramblings February 2011: Don't Neglect Energy Auditing

    Mark stresses that we should not ignore energy auditing. Technology and regulations will make chemical operations increasingly energy efficient. For instance, sites adopting digital fieldbuses gain access to data on equipment health that can provide early warning of performance degradation as well as diagnostic information that can lead to true predictive maintenance.

    Mark Rosenzweig, Editor-in-Chief
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