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Our Ecomonic Snapshot offers news about the world economic atomsphere and how it may affect your bottom line.

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  • Process Optimization: Make Sense Of Trends

    Seeing through the noise and uncovering actionable intelligence will enable operational improvements

    Sheila Kennedy for our sister publication Plant Services
  • ISA Economic Indicators Send Mixed Message

    The October ISA Economic Indicator Report from the Industrial Supply Association shows that the Manufacturer Index and the Distributor Index moved in opposite directions in September.

    Chemical Processing Staff
  • Manufacturers Bank On Big Data

    A recent Honeywell survey of manufacturing executives indicates many respondents are planning to invest in data analytics even as they pare back spending in other areas.

    Chemical Processing Staff
  • LCE Launches Reliability Website

    New website helps manufacturing professionals build the capabilities they need to achieve best-in-class levels of operational reliability.

    Chemical Processing Staff
  • Train Operators To Perform Maintenance

    To avoid a failure or to mitigate the impact of one, equipment operators must acquire the skills necessary to return equipment to optimum operating conditions.

    Michael Blanchard, Life Cycle Engineering
  • No Quick Fix To Improve Quality

    Strengthen four pillars to build lasting excellence for quality in development: organizational structure; process ownership and improvement responsibilities; skills, capabilities and tools; and quality metrics.

    Matthias Evers, Shane Gannon, Lorenzo Positano, and Doerte Seeger, for our sister publication Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Honeywell Will Acquire Intelligrated

    Intelligrated will join Sensing and Productivity Solutions (S&PS) in Honeywell’s Automation and Controls Solutions business.

    Chemical Processing Staff
  • 5 Steps To A Stellar Reliability Strategy

    Want a more-predictable supply chain? Work on building – and honing – your corporate reliability strategy.

    David Rosenthal for our sister publication Plant Services
  • LCE Offers SMRP Body Of Knowledge Guided Study

    Life Cycle Engineering offers a Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals Body of Knowledge Guided Study through its education entity, Life Cycle Institute.

    Chemical Processing Staff
  • Missouri S&T Develops 3-D Microwave Video Camera

    Missouri University of Science and Technology researchers develop a real-time, portable and 3-D microwave video camera that can be used for industrial inspection applications and security screening.

    Chemical Processing Staff
  • Maintenance: Go From Reactive To Proactive

    Being in a constant “fire-fighting” state of operation is not healthy for any organization.

    Paul Dufresne, CLS, CMRP, CPMM, CRL, Koch Fertilizer, for our sister publication Plant Services
  • Honeywell Launches Mobility App

    App provides plant managers with immediate notifications and real-time plant performance data and analytics directly to their smartphones.

    Chemical Processing Staff
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