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Topic: Reusing Condensate as Boiler Feed Water

In some projects, condensate is being recovered from LP steam headers and utility stations using steam traps. (This condensate is collected in condensate pot and reused as boiler feed water.) But this condensate recovery is done only for steam headers and utility stations located at 4.8m lvl from grade or higher. This is not done for utility stations at grade lvl. The condensate from the same is just thrown out. What is the reason or base to decide the 4.8 m level?
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    Re: Reusing Condensate as Boiler Feed Water

    Condensate from any level could be collected and reused as boiler feed water, as long is its quality meets the boiler feed water specs.
    In this case, the available lower head pressure of the condensate may not be enough to get into the existing return pipe line or into the condensate pot and hence would start accumulating at the source itself.
    By modifying the return pipeline and lowering the receiver pressure, the condensate from below 4.8M level condensate sources also could be collected and pumped back to use as boiler feed water.
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    Re: Reusing Condensate as Boiler Feed Water

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