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In response to the first question, 34 feet is atmospheric pressure of cold water at seal level.
The actual suction lift capability of a pump is dependent on it’s efficiency and it’s ability to draw a vacuum. Some p.d. Pumps do this very well while others do not. Conventional centrifugal pumps don’t do very well on a suction life unless they are fully primed. A self-priming pump can handle up to 25 feet of a suction lift.
For raising a pump from a depth of 200 feet, I would recommend a vertical turbine pump with a submersible motorm, which is sometimes referred to as a borehole pump.
My only memory of the phrase a “donkey pump” stems from early fire protection systems where the donkey pump was a small pump used to maintain pressure in the fire protection system so that the main pumps would start when necessary.
I do not understand the question regarding pump suction.