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Topic: Re: Is there value to installing pump suction strainers?

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The problem with suction strainer clogging is not so much the reduction in flow as with the reduction in suction pressure, which in turn can precipitate Cavitation. It can also create turbulence in the flow line which can develop vapor bubbles in the liquid and thus cause air entrainment. Both of these conditions provide identical symptoms, which is a unique rumbling/rattling noise, high vibration levels and pitting damage at the start of the vanes in the eye of the impeller.
Suction strainers were originally designed for use during the initial start up of a pump system to catch any stray construction debris that had been left in the pipeline or suction system. Subsequent use to collect solid particles in the pumpage has proved popular but often unnecessarily troublesome. It may be worth relocating the strainer downstream of the pump, providing of course that the pump itself can easily handle and pump through the solids in the system.