Since I do not know what kind of process/s we are addressing, my assumption is that we are looking at reactive chemical processes.  

Suggestions can be applied to existing and new processes. My suggestions are very general and I would use these. These would lower the process cycle time for both processes, and:

1. I would make every effort to understand the chemical and physical properties of the chemicals used and intermediates produced. This understanding allows one to manipulate and optimize their handling, addition methods and points.

2. Other necessary point is to incorporate the knowledge of the physical and chemical properties along with stoichiometry, chemical kinetics to create process conditions that will improve the reactive process.

3. Above information facilities process equipment selection.

Combination of this knowledge generally results in a sustainable process with much better yield and cycle time than what is possible in the laboratory if the above information was not available.

I have used all of the suggested information in simplifying chemical processes. Many of them are illustrated in my book "Chemical Process Simplification: Improving Productivity and Sustainability" published by John Wiley & Sons.