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Topic: Re: How do you design a vessel to withstand explosions?

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This is really a civil or mechanical engineering question: How to design a structure or vessel to withstand certain forces.
I am not a mechanical or civil engineer, but I am sure that the details of the vessel or structure are very important, and that each would be a "one of" design by a qualified engineer.
I am sure that there are many experts who are well qualified, (probably anybody who has designed blast resistant structures and equipment for the military, for example) but I think that it is important to engage somebody who understands how to design for an explosion, not just for normal pressure forces. The forces from an explosion are very different -- short duration, rapidly increasing forces applied for a short period of time, and materials react very differently than they would from the same force applied over a longer time period. It is important to understand how the force would be applied, and how the specific material reacts to that type of force.