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Topic: How do we maintain the vacuum differential?

I am trying to extract solvent into a recovery tank whilst under vacuum and the recovery tank is at the same level as the vacuum. Would you recommend lowering the vacuum in the recovery tank to prevent solvent traveling back up the pipe work to the original location? Or would you recommend installing valving to isolate and prevent this from happening, as this is the present issue? The solvent is 95% isopropyl alcohol and vacuum range during draining is 25 to 10 torr and temperature is -50 degrees.
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    Re: How do we maintain the vacuum differential?

    It is best to maintain the vacuum differential (pressure differential) by lowering the vacuum, which will be more reliable than a valve configuration.
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    Re: How do we maintain the vacuum differential?

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    I agreed with John. I think maintain the vacuum pressure uniquely it's better lowering the vacuum. The more relevant configuration is helpful on working atmosphere. Thanks.