A good overview can be found in both  the Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of the Chemical Process Industries and Ullman's Encyclopedia.

You can also look for the following books:

Pilot Plant Design, Construction, and Operation
Richard Palluzi
McGraw-Hill, 1992
ISBN 0-07-048180-6

Pilot Plant and Laboratory Safety
Richard Palluzi
McGraw-Hill, 1994
ISBN 0-07-048181-4

There are also some of my articles available:

Improving Pilot Plants (Chemical Engineering, June, 2001)
Cost Effective Pilot Plant Design and Construction (Chemical Engineering, April, 2000)
Succeed at Crash Pilot Plant Construction (Chemical Engineering Progress, Dec, 1997)
Choosing The Right Pilot Plant (Chemical Engineering Progress, Jan, 1991)
Pilot Plants (Chemical Engineering, March, 1990)

AIChE also runs three courses on Pilot Plants (#192, 193 and 244). They can check the AIChE website (www.aiche.org) for details.